Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Journey thus far

It has been one of the most interesting journeys I have ventured on since beginning my degree. There has been frustration towards digital technologies that has been fathomless. Throughout Managing e.Learning evidence of my Digital Immigrant status has been proven time and time again, although I must say this: "Never give up never surrender".

Mastering digital technology is achievable and attainable. My thoughts are that perhaps if there was less of a time constraint, the frustrations about navigating through the course activities and assessment may have been less. With the frustrations, it must be mentioned, have come moments of victory that have left me speechless, pumping my fist in the air, or even brought me to tears. It has been interesting to say the least. Stretching the boundaries of my learning and understanding has certainly enlightened me to the way new students must feel, or students with English as their second language experience as they experience new environments, culture and education structures. Initially there is fear and trepidation, and with experiences such as victories and losses alike, certainly a deeper understanding, and may I say respect, is achieved.

Experiences are not all enjoyable although many can be profitable to varying degrees. As my journey continues to different courses for the next few years, I will reflect on my learning in my blog.

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