Thursday, July 23, 2009

Let's get started

What a learning journey!! From an old school stand.....

I started out on an Mac 3 computer using large floppy discs, learnt to use the Plug and Cord telephone system, the telex machine, used carbon paper, manual typewriters, electronic checkouts where the operator typed in the price of each item, and used electronic switchboards with more than 2 lines. The first computer was purchased and I was asked to learn how to use it and teach other was an Apple MacIntosh using the old Dos system of operation. Wow!!

Today I am learning to Blog, enter forum debates, manage my own learning via the internet and more!!! Technology is both amazing and terrifying. Through the use of Facebook the world has become so much smaller......and faster.

What a learning journey I am undertaking and embracing. I'm all for it!!!

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