Thursday, August 6, 2009

Active learning

I have found the quizzes on the active learning section of the course very enlightening. As I further delve into education and become more involved in the classroom setting, I have become quite passionate about certain things.

During the quiz I was categorised as INJF - Introvert, Intuitive, Judging, Feeling. Judging left me a little thrown because intuitive and feeling were equal percentages. Even the term introvert surprised me although upon reflection, I have to agree. Being intuitive and feeling certainly helps in the classroom with profiling learners.

And here is why I am so passionate......
Being intuitive and feeling I have noticed that some students have a poor self image of themselves be it physical, emotional or academic. With reference to Mazlow's heirachy, my argument is that if the food and shelter layer is corrupted, how does this affect the proceeding levels. Surely this will intern corrupt safety, belonging and love and then self esteem.

As Learning Managers how do we get the best outcomes for our students when there is corruption in the heirachy? I believe this is where Dimensions of Learning comes into effect through Attitudes and Perceptions and Habits of Mind (Marzano & Pickering, 1997, p4-6). Through positive reinforcement, words of affirmation, modelling respect and creating a safe environment for learning will have a dramatic affect on all students. Sure some will fight it, but overall engaging students and generating trust and respect regardless of their backgrounds and diversities has to make an impact on the individual.

At a 20 year school reunion I met up with my favourite teacher of all time. I mentioned this to her. She was running a news agency at the time and no longer taught. Her response to my gush of admiration was this.....
"No one will ever tell me I was their best newsagent of all time. There is the greatest of rewards in teaching. Thank you."

She had had such an impact on my learning in that she never let me believe I couldn't do anything, achieve anything or be anything and I only had her for one year. So this is where the passion originated. Now that I have 3 children of my own, I instill in them the same habits of mind and attitudes and perceptions.

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