Thursday, August 13, 2009

Doing things more than once

I have found that when I attempt things twice I am able to better retain and understand the processes behind things. I have redone my voki, added pictures and a video just to see that I could do it. I'm begining to feel more and more confidence in my abilities in tackling new technologies. It is truly a very interesting journey albiet a little stressful.

Could this be used in the classroom and how?
This would be difficult to have students at primary level developing their own Voki as I believe it would require a large amount of overseeing - although in saying that it would depend on the classroom dynamics and amount of teacher aide time.
Could it be done....yes.

What would it's use be - I could see this being used for oral presentations. This is a great tool for those students who are introverted, and especially for students with barriers.

Avatars are a great tool for all students regardless of ability levels. As I have worked with ASD students with high intellect and having poor writing skills, using Avatars to generate oral presentations, voicing an opinion or and idea and for communication strategies would be of great value in and out of the classroom. The process of creating it is part of the engagement. I'm encouraged again by technology and how it can suit the individual and their needs.

Not all individuals are called to be speakers although through using avatars individuals can have a voice.

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