Thursday, August 13, 2009

Flickr/Picnik in the classroom

The use of Flicker and Picnik in the classroom goes futher than just a great art lesson. These website generate the creative person in all of us. So in what ways other than art can they be used?

It is interesting to note that pictures or images can be downloaded onto items such as t-shirts, mugs, postcards, cards etc and these can be a great fundraising idea. For instance, downloading images of each student onto mugs for Mother's Day or Father's Day. Student's artwork can be manipulated and used in a classsroom newsletter or be used as a "What we did at camp" poster.

A point to note is that the programmes are easy to use and follow which would allow students with barriers (or special needs/disabilities)to participate in any project. All students could design their own Christmas cards, Birthday cards or Easter Cards for parents or grandparents. Essentially the programmes allow all types of ability levels to be creative and generate a pride in their work. There is a great benefit in introducing students to programmes that they can access at their own computers and involve their own family members. Isn't this as Learning Managers what we want for our students - To take the classroom home to the family.....making education connected to real life situations and experiences?

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