Tuesday, August 18, 2009


It was a very interesting yet easy site to use the ClassMarker site. I have often wondered how quizzes were generated considering that during my degree there were many to do. My first quiz is a Mental Maths quiz designed to take 10 minutes with only 10 questions ranging from simple to more thought provoking. It is aimed at a grade 7 class.

The questions may seem simple but students need to know these basic math problems instantly. There is great potential in having a quiz set for the end of the week as homework rather than students taking something home everyday - the only issue there is that there is no control over who actually does the test and if there is assistance. The clever student could get an older sibling or parent to either take the test for them or have them offer the answers.

It's a great way for feedback as well. By making it available to parents is it possible to generate a "feedback" quiz, again we are opening ourselves up to a number of issues although there is definately potential if it is done wisely. The fact that results can be emailed directly to your inbox allows for teachers to instantly keep up with each individual student, who is paying attention, who is not.

It can be embraced across the KLA's as simple assessment pieces for all students or individuals who are falling below the mark and just need extra work for assessment. I can see a real benefit to using ClassMarker in the classroom.

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