Thursday, August 20, 2009

Picutre Modification

This is a picture taken on a digital camera and manipulated through Flickr. I love this technology because it makes something simple into something quirky. The only suggestion I could make is that most of the "free registration" has very limited choices and it is very worthwhile in purchasing a full registration. There are more options this way and when it adds up it is a small price to pay.

This type of program allows students to be as creative as they need to be. It's a great way of expression because there is no 'right' answer or 'right' way of doing things. This could be used for students in creating an advertisement to sell an idea. Imagine students trying to sell the importance of mathematics. They would be asked to develop an ad that will generate interest or engagement in a mathematic problem such as digital vs analogue time pieces. Pictures of digital and analogue clocks could be photoshopped and placed in brochures debating the importance of or the non requirement is up to the individual. Not only will it engage them but also challenge their own thoughts and ideas about maths.

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