Thursday, August 20, 2009

You Tube

This video is of The Wombles. I chose this to use in my blog because it would be a great resource for SOSE and Art. The reasons behind this is that it is a good example of how television has changed, how animations change, changes to codes of classification, changes to society and what we find as entertainment, the list goes on. There is merit in looking at the past experiences of television as a way of understanding technology and how it has evolved.

Another great link would be the video of Bill and Ben the Flowerpot men. For those that dont know this show, the flowerpots (Bill and Ben) would come to life after the farmer had gone to his house for tea. These characters were puppets and dialogue was very limited although children were engrossed in their antics. It is interesting to observe reactions of present day students to television of old espcially when it is viewed in black and white.

You Tube has a wealth of resources although considerations about content, subject matter and code of classification need to be carefully considered and monitored before using in the classroom setting.

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